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About John V. Pinto!

John V. Pinto, Owner and CEO of Realty World - John V. Pinto & Assoc., Inc. in San Jose, California, is joining a new wave of paperless real estate brokerage. Using a tablet computer equipped with a wireless Internet card, John V. Pinto can conduct his business from virtually anywhere in the world and has all related documents at his fingertips. Able to send any form to anyone at any time, John V. Pinto has increased his autonomy and made his business more efficient through his novel way of conducting business. Such timesaving automated processes allow John V. Pinto to serve his clients in a more effective and proficient capacity. An owner/broker in Santa Clara County since 1977, John V. Pinto has a wealth of experience to inform his real estate career. John V. Pinto is a member of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Because of his remarkable expertise in a number of fields, John V. Pinto has been featured as a keynote speaker at several industry association events. John V. Pinto has authored multiple articles on dealing with today’s unfavorable market through innovative marketing, financial techniques, creative counseling, and other means. Apart from his career, John V. Pinto is very active in the San Jose community. From 1990 to 1994, John V. Pinto was involved with the City of San Jose Arts Commission. John V. Pinto also spent four years as the Director of the San Jose Repertory Theatre and two years as the Director of Santa Clara County’s Florence Sister County Commission. Additionally, John V. Pinto is a regular supporter of the San Jose Center for Brain Injury. Currently living in San Jose, CA, John V. Pinto enjoys spending as much time as possible at his second home in Napa Valley. A cooking enthusiast, John V. Pinto has appeared on several local Cable cooking shows as the featured chef. John V. Pinto often infuses his real estate discussions with his cooking tales. John V. Pinto also takes pleasure in traveling and motorcycling.